During lunch break in one of the auditoriums of the Builders Ecole d'Ingénieurs, professionals introduce their company, their projects, their ambitions, their last innovations. For 40 minutes, these professionals can meet and talk with students of all promotions.

The companies have the opportunity to pursue their exchange with students around a meal at the school cafeteria. Number of places are limited for students, in order to facilitate the discussion between speakers and students.

We also offer "Soirées-Entreprise", same as Midi-Entreprise, during an evening, from 6:45PM, for about 40 minutes.

You are a professional and you are interested in Midi-Entreprise? You can contact us directly at midi-entreprise@esitc-caen.net or use our contact form by clicking on the button following.

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ETPO - October 11th 2021
Colas - March 3rd 2021
Apromo - April 21st 2021