Presentation of the event

Every year, at the beginning of March our Forum Construction event takes place (event which bears the same name as our organisation). Civil engineering companies can come and meet the students of TC1 (1st year of integrated preparatory class) and TC3 (1st year of engineering cycle) who are looking for internships. This is an opportunity for students to exchange with recruiters and to allow companies to find profiles that suit them.

Students are looking for:

  • 1st year: Worker internship - 5 weeks (July-August) | Objectives: discovery and first contacts with the construction sector, on the field
  • 3rd year: Site supervisor internship - 13 weeks (June-August) | Objectives: first period of supervision in a company. The trainee must gradually take on the missions of a works manager.
  • 3rd year: Apprenticeship - In 3 years
  • 4th year: Internship in a Engineering and Design Office - 12 weeks (June-August) | Objectives: realizations and verification of sizing calculations of construction elements.
  • 4th year: Apprenticeship - In 2 years
  • BIM Design Bachelor: Internship in a company - 3 months
  • Specialized Post Master's degree in Smart Construction/Eco materials and BIM design : Professional thesis - 6 months

This day is held every year on the premises ofBuilders Ecole d'Ingénieurs and is a privileged meeting between companies and students. We take care of all the logistics to welcome students and professionals in optimal conditions.

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More information
  • Exclusive lounge for professionals (hot beverages, juices, viennoiseries)
  • Hot meal served on the spot, for recruiters only
  • views slots throughout the day : from 9:00AM to 12:00AM and from 2:00PM to 5:00PM
Some photographs
Student-Business Exchange (2022)
Welcome sign (2022)
Construction equipment exhibition (2022)